Since we launched the application, we have gathered a lot of comments and opinions. Whether they have been good or bad, it is only positive for us, since we can improve and shape Fatster according to your different expectations and needs.

Problems encountered

A few examples of notices that help us improve our app: “I’m having trouble using your app. Maybe it’s coming from my phone, a Sony. I can’t use the search function. I hope it’s only temporary,” Patricia.

I can’t go on “Social”, there’s always a big banner that explains the benefits of Faster but

I can’t see the Social page.


“Is it possible to add a starchy part to the meal list? To add leeks to the list of vegetables? To have notifications of messages left on our posts/photos?”, SaB.

The satisfaction of getting results

There is nothing more motivating for us than to receive feedback from our users who have achieved real results with Fatster. Here are a few testimonials:

“I can finally put my wedding ring back on, months ago I didn’t wear it anymore because my fingers were bulging but now with 15 kilos less my finger has deflated and I can put it on again. I’m happy,” Lolita.

“I’ve lost 2 kilos thanks to the community ! PERFECT after the holidays”, REGEME.

“Highly motivating. Serious community friendly and encouraging. Start my nutrition on Monday. So far I’ve lost 1 kilo. Top top! Sharing is really motivating”, AKS.

“This app is really great! More motivated than ever to progress together. Fatster is really well done and reminds us what our goal is”, Marina Sellen.

Do you like Fatster?

We are glad you enjoy using our application! Please do not hesitate to send us your comments.

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