Monitor your patients' weight loss online.

Advise them remotely in a secure way over the long term. Fatster allows you to analyze the most important information associated with your patients’ weight loss, 100% online. 

Take advantage of digital transformation

Leverage your visibility and notoriety

Subscribe without engagement. We make it easy for you.

24/7 support team (English, French, Spanish)


Go digital & become visible worldwide.

Improve the follow-up of your existing and future patients. By using Fatster Pro Health, you can now ensure a long term follow-up and reach patients all over the world.

Beside finding their own buddies to lose weight with on Fatster’s app, our users can create strong connections with you if their needs match!

Communicate your offers and packages.

Pro Health allows you to communicate your offers, promotions and products to your patients / ex-patients.

With a single click, let them discover your tailor-made programs.

$99 monthly

There are no hidden fees.
Follow-up to 20 patients online.

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