Fatster is an app made by real humans for people who want to lose weight.

It helps you to lose weight thanks to a motivation gamification system with the help of a buddy.

With Fatster mobile app you will lose your fat, FAST.

Fatster is the mobile application to find your best buddy to lose weight with.

Because it is simple, fun and efficient. It is the best platform to find a buddy and lose weight.

People who want to lose weight for various purposes:

  • To feel better
  • Before a wedding
  • Before summer
  • Before a date
  • Find a super motivating buddy to encourage you

You can register through:

  • Direct registration (email)
  • Google account (soon)
  • Facebook account

Just open the app and do “Forgot your password” and follow the password recovery process.

We are so sad to hear that! Just push the red button called “remove my account” in Fatster App and your data will be deleted.

Warning: once you push this button you will not be able to login again and all your data will be lost.

We would love to hear for your feedback! Send us an email to hi@fatster.app.

Nope we are only using mobile app but if 10,000 users ask for it then we will develop it in no time 🙂 If you feel like it, send us a message: hi@fatster.app

Fatster is a motivational platform but we do not give medical recommendation

It will help you to lose weight but you should consult a doctor for your condition.

Fatster is an app where you will get motivation

Always evaluate carefully your buddy prior connecting with him or her.

Yes as we are GDPR compliant and all our partners are.

GDPR is European Personal Data Protection Law, enforced on May  2018.

You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms  & Conditions.

According to GDPR regulations, you may request to see, change and or erase any information that is recorded about you.

Please send an email to hi@fatster.app to request changes , this message will be sent to the sender. Please be clear with your GDPR request.

They are located on Google servers.

We are a team of highly motivated people who want to solve the problem of the world overweight and obesity epidemic.

You can contact us via the following channels:

Just send us an email! To hi@fatster.app you should get an answer within 2 seconds 🙂