We listened to your great feedback!

We have added the following features to help do more activity, eat healthier and lose weight in a fun way. The result? You will start to feel better after only 15 days!

Our aim is to completely change your behavior in 62 days and we will add in-app functionalities to achieve this and help you to the maximum extent.

What’s New?

We improved the SEARCH page with an easier filter and improved RESULTS page.
It is easy now to find and add a buddy on Fatster.

You can see the user profile photo, BMI, Weight Objective & Motivation. By clicking on the picture, you can see a progress comparison between you and the user.

Fatster Results page

We also improved the BUDDIES page to have your progress on activity, nutrition and weight loss at a glance.

We also added the coach tips on top of the page, try to click on it to discover the latest tips on nutrition, activity, weight loss and sleep (because to sleep well is also important when you try to lose weight).

Fatster Buddies page (notice the coach tips on top)

Invite your friends, families & colleagues

Did you invite your friends, colleagues and family in the app? You can add them immediately as a buddy… really!

How does it work? Each user has a link with a unique identifier and if you click on it, your friend will be added as a buddy. The invitation will then go to the Buddies page / Invitation tab.

Fatster Invite a Friend page

The Magic QR Code

There is an even more interesting “Add Buddy” feature introduced in this version: tap the hamburger menu, and see the QR Code. This magic QR Code is linked to your profile and the persons who scans and download the app will automatically add you as a buddy!

Invite friends & add him/her as a buddy on Fatster in a super easy way

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