At Fatster, we are helping people connecting, losing weight and maintaining their weight thanks to a benevolent community and we are fortunate to have a community of committed and passionate users who submit hundreds of comments and feature request messages via our support channels and social media every week.

This regular and loyal flow of feedback is like a gold mine for our lucky product teams. Rarely is such a rich and voluntary source of information on user needs and issues so easily accessible.

We listened to your feedback and we are happy to release a new version of Fatster App: Fatster 1.5, below are the key benefits of this update 🙂

  1. Comments and social page has been improved (you can finally format properly your text)
  2. You can now share on social networks your super posts
  3. The progress page has been improved with easy to read completion pie charts
  4. We enriched coach recommendation and tips (because we love mummies too)
  5. We did optimization and bug fixes (faster, more stable, more user friendly)

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