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Our Press release

The Fatster team is proud to announce the launch of its application on Google Play and Apple Store.

Discover the presentation of the company, its team and its missions, through our press release.

Health Tech Event by Fatster, 26 Juin 2019

Press release


Connecting overweight people to each other to help them motivate themselves every day to lose weight is the challenge that the Brittany Social Crunch company has set with its mobile application Fatster.

The company created in March 2019 in Beg-Meil has just completed its first round of funding to help launch the service in France and abroad. The first recruitments are planned for the end of 2019.

The Team

From Fouesnant to Bangkok, the team of 5 people, including 3 co-founders, met 10,000 km from France, in Asia during their previous entrepreneurial adventures.

Emmanuel Fauvel, COO – Fabien Keller, CEO – Dris Hammani, CTO

Today, more than 30% of the world’s population is overweight, which represents more than two billion people. In the age of digital and mobile applications, it is time to address the problem of loneliness during effort: this aggravating factor is often responsible for failure during a diet.

The Fatster mobile application connects similar profiles with a common goal of weight loss and the same motivation. It is totally possible to find your buddy in New York while being in Fouesnant, if you can speak at least English! Fatster helps the user during the three different phases: finding a buddy, losing weight and maintaining weight.

The company wants to become a social network dedicated to weight loss, bringing together a caring community.

The mobile application is available for free on iOS and Android.

Press contact
Fabien Keller, Co-fondeur et Chairman

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