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Press release: de-confine your extra pounds with Fatster social network

PRESS RELEASE 20/11/2020

More than 20,000 people have already lost weight over the long term during Covid thanks to the FATSTER application.

How does it work?

Unlike traditional methods, Fatster is a mobile application that allows overweight people who share common goals to connect with each other to change their habits, lose weight and keep their figure over the long term. It is scientifically proven that being part of an online community significantly increases motivation and allows you to lose more weight more effectively*.

Noémie lost 14kg on Fatster

Sharing one’s last weigh-in, last meal, nutritional assessment of the day or last sport activity is immediately encouraged by the whole community composed of the members of the application and the food professionals attached to Fatster. The user sets his own rules and objectives, Fatster suggests but does not impose any constraints. His eating and sports habits are changed and improved in 10 weeks.

The user can draw inspiration from sports coaches, nutritionists, influencers present in the application and interact with them directly. By eating better, healthier and doing more activity at his own pace, he loses weight and maintains stability over the long term.

And it works!

The application has a strong interaction between its members: more than 5,000,000 calories have been burned and several thousand kilos lost have been recorded. In just a few months, the application registers 15,000 members in France and processes several tens of thousands of weight-loss information each month.

Motivation increases with time and is accompanied by gourmet recipes, some of which are prepared by Michelin starred chef Hans Zimmer, as well as sports tips, which boost motivation even more!


“I hadn’t been able to wear my wedding ring for 3 years, and thanks to Fatster I was able to wear it again!”

Lolita, fatster user and mother of two children.

A real public health problem

Nearly one person in two is overweight in France and more than two billion worldwide in 2020. Nearly 3 million people die each year from complications related to overweight and obesity problems.

During confinement, 57% of French people have gained weight and on average 2.5 kg** while Fatster users have lost weight during the same period. It should also be noted that overweight and obesity are an aggravating risk factor for Covid-19***.


The application of the Breton startup is free and rated 4.8/5 on the App Store.

About us

Social Crunch is a startup created by Fabien Keller and Emmanuel Fauvel, established in 3 countries and is financially supported by private investors, the Banque Publique d’Investissement (BPI – French Tech), the Brittany region (Emergys incubator) and the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest.


* Science study “Dieters who make more connections in online weight-loss communities lose more weight” Source: Northwestern University: “Friending Your Way Thin” Study, Luís A. Nunes Amaral. Jan. 28, 2015. https://news.northwestern.edu/stories/2015/01/friending-your-way-thin

** What is the impact of confinement on the weight and eating habits of the French? https://www.ifop.com/publication/quel-est-limpact-du-confinement-sur-le-poids-et-les-habitudes-alimentaires-des-francais/

*** Obesity, a major risk factor in the face of COVID-19 https://www.obesite.com/obesite-risque-covid19/

*** Obesity and COVID-19: the fatal shock between two pandemics https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7260549/