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Fatster Team at the Launch Event of Facebook Accelerator Powered by Plug&Play

Fatster Team participated in the launch event of the second edition of Facebook Accelerator Program on 3rd December.

The Facebook Accelerator Program is a six-month program powered by Plug and Play to support innovative, data-driven startups around Southeast Asia.

At the first edition, there was 10 startups from around the region and they help them accelerate their businesses in new and innovative ways, placing peoples’ trust, transparency, and control over their data at the core.

This year, their priority is to welcome more startups and female entrepreneurs.

Key discussion pointers addressed in the panel discussion:

  1. What are some of the hottest trends in the industry in recent times?
  2. How can Facebook play a stronger role to support the startup ecosystem?
  3. Deeper questions about AR/VR, Messaging/Conversational Commerce, AI
  4. How can Facebook help a startup scale and expand beyond the initial market?

Key discussion pointers addressed in the Women in Tech panel includes:

  1. Living a day in the shoes of a Female Founder
  2. Fundraising tips
  3. Thoughts on building a gender-friendly safe space that helps achieve gender equality

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