Because a Virus Will Never Stop Us. How does Fatster Team reacts during Covid-19 Pandemic

We are a Team

At Fatster, we are a Team of 12 persons with different positions, different origins, different experiences. We are a Team and it makes us stronger with a very high spirit and motivation. Our mission is to fight the obesity epidemic in the world with the help of a mobile app, nutritionists and AI. The Covid-19 epidemic will not stop this dream we all have.

The Covid-19 affected our operation and we had to adapt the way we work and our product

  • We are fighting against the Covid-19 in the short term with Covidster by connecting individuals with other individuals for Clinical Trial purposes.
  • We are fighting against the Covid-19 in the medium and long term with Fatster to reduce the risk of mortality among the overweight population.
  • Both projects have been submitted to the French government to get funding
  • We adapt fast, act quickly and we try to be as efficient as possible.

The Covid-19 affected our business

  • We save every pennies from our first fund-raising so we have the longest runway
  • We learn from our mentors and business partners
  • We learn from our courses at HEC Challenge+ “how to manage cash flow during a massive crisis”
  • We are lean

To protect ourselves, our colleagues, friends and families, we are working remote

  • From different cities in France
  • From different cities in Thailand
  • We protect ourselves
  • We work from everywhere we possibly can

There is nothing new, nothing magic

  • We are using simple tools like GSuite, Jira, Slack and Zoom as our main tools for remote working
  • We are training our staff and let them learn even more
  • We are doing 40mn sharp meetings
  • We are using Agile methodology

The Covid-19 will eventually disappear, the Team spirit and method of work will remain.

Stay safe, stay home, work hard, play harder 🙂

Fatster Team

Alfred, Anthony, Benjamin, Cassandra, Emmanuel, Fabien, Jean-Baptiste, Julie, Ladislas, Louiza, Nathalie & Thomas.