Welcome to Nutrimis, our offer to follow-up with your patients weight loss online.

You are a weight loss center, a wellness center and you want to facilitate the monitoring of your patients, 100% online and in real time, Fatster Pro Health have been created for you.

Follow up your patients, 100% online and in real time; Fatster is a combination of a mobile application for patients (collect weight, food & activity data) and a platform for professionals (analyse patients data & give recommendation).

It helps your patients find their buddies to lose weight with and allows you to monitor their personal results from your computer.

Save time with Nutrimis. Our platform has been designed to ensure an easy and secure exchange with your patients. You can now save time and become a digital player while advising them online.

While your patients record their nutrition, activity and weight through the app, Nutrimis will organise the data into an optimised dashboard, just for you.