Fatster helps reduce mortality risks related to Covid-19 by reducing overweight and obesity in the population.

Fatster wishes to contribute to the reduction of mortality risks related to Covid-19 for the French population through significant weight loss. This population will be less at risk compared to the Covid-19 related pandemic but also to future pandemics.

Fatster also wishes to contribute to the reduction of direct and indirect costs related to obesity (a 20% reduction in the number of obese people in France = 10.8 billion Euros saved per year).

Fatster (www.fatster.app) has the mission to facilitate the connection of overweight/obese people and help them to lose and maintain their weight over the long term by changing their habits in terms of diet and physical exercise. This with the help of strong motivation, a caring community, health professionals and artificial intelligence.

Obesity is a major risk factor of COVID-19: Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, who heads the scientific council that advises the government on the Covid-19 epidemic, said that no less than 17 million of France’s 67 million citizens were at serious risk of coronavirus due to age, pre-existing disease or obesity. “This virus is terrible, it can affect young people, especially obese young people. Those who are overweight should really be careful,” Delfraissy told France info.

Obesity is a scourge in France: in France nearly one adult in two is overweight, and 20% of those who are obese are overweight. Overweight reduces the life expectancy of French people by 2.3 years. This disease not only reduces life expectancy, it also affects students’ academic performance, labour productivity and undermines economic growth.

Obesity costs France €10 billion a year (5% of its health budget), €54 billion in direct and indirect costs (health and productivity loss) and costs in Europe €59 billion a year (7% of its health budget alone).

In his general policy speech, Edouard Philippe, French PM made the fight against obesity “a national objective” and has the ambition to reduce obesity by 15% by 2023.

“We created Fatster to bring together a community that supports, motivates and helps each other to lose weight. The human side is most important at Fatster, which is why the team did not hesitate to mobilize for the rapid development of Fatster to fight Covid-19 and other pandemics as effectively as possible.”
Fabien Keller & Emmanuel Fauvel, co-founders of Fatster.

Help us fight this obesity epidemic, contact us.

Exercises to do indoors during Coronavirus time: squats

Hello to all!

In this difficult period of confinement, #Fatster gives you daily tips on how to play sports while staying at home :

Before you go to the shower, do 15 push-ups.

The push-ups strain many muscles in the upper body. They also increase strength and endurance.

If you have a little trouble, don’t hesitate to put your knees on the floor.
Share your efforts with the community by publishing your results and photos on the application.

Be strong and stay motivated

The #Fatster team is here to answer all your questions.

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This is the best reward and we want to thank big time our fantastic community

Thank you for the great reviews and comments on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Whether you’re newly joined or people who have been with us since the beginning (the ambassadors), we are thankful to the members of Fatster online community. After all, you’re an essential part of our mission, and the reason why we created our business in the first place.

Taking in this post the time to recognize those who help us succeed not only helps us strengthen our relationship with individual community members like you, but it can also help strengthen our community as a whole.

To Lolita, Sandrine, Valérie, Noémie, Alex, Jean-Luc, Maxence, Rose, Sansan, Sonia, Steph, Sansan, Nathalie and everybody…


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Fatster v 1.42 Welcomes Our Brand New Progress Page (Behavior Change Step 1)

Welcome to Our New Progress Page

First we want to say thank you our group of ambassadors who help us improving Fatster App on a daily basis.

Fatster’s mission is to help users change their behaviors and we have been working on a new progress page that allows you to track your progress in terms of nutrition, activity and weight loss in real time. This is available Fatster version 1.4.2 available on Google Play and App Store (see below the download links).

This page has four progress circles that change according to the daily data you input in the application.

  1. The nutrition circle is based on 21 healthy meals per week.
  2. The activity circle is based on 3 hours per week (this is 180 minutes of activity, the W.H.O. recommends 150 minutes to maintain your weight).
  3. The weight circle is based on measuring progress towards your weight loss goal.
  4. The BMI circle is directly correlated with your weight loss goal.

You can select the period you want at the top of the page.

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Fatster v 1.35 has been released with lot of great things for the FEED

We have added the following features to help do more activity, eat healthier and lose weight in a fun way. The result? You will feel better after only 15 days!

What’s New?

  • Feed improvement with likes and comments
  • Feed improvement with better identification of activity
  • Better translation
  • Bug fixing and app optimization for better performance

We are happy that you enjoy using our application!
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Toulouse School of Management x Fatster = Partnership Started!

Since October 1st, the partnership between Fatster App and the French University Toulouse School of Management is a reality 🙂

For this coming 6 months experience, we’re glad to greet the students as members of the Fatster Team, and would like to say thank you to Toulouse School of Management (TSM) and specially Lars Meyer Waarden for their precious support in the project; It’s through this help that Fatster will grow, learn and create the best application for overweight people to lose weight in a fun way.

21 Master Degree students, from different nationalities (French, Thais and Germans) will work together to help Fatster to grow internationally and build a better product.

This project will be spited in 4 groups, supervised by Julien Cloarec (project leader), Cyrielle Vellera (TSM senior lecturer) and Sandra Laporte (HEC Montréal teacher and specialist in the purchasing behavior of obese people).

As part of their studies as International Marketing students, the students will learn in a startup environment how to develop a project, manage the strategic aspects and participate to a common adventure.

Project researches / studies will be also conducted, related to the motivation for use and nudges to integrate into the app as base of thesis subjects for TSM PhD students.

After a quick survey, 7 students out of 21 want to lose weight. In average they have 3 kg to lose.

The Fatster projects for TSM Students are as below:

  • Group 1: Data Analysis (Behavioral Data)
  • Group 2: Marketing (Social Media)
  • Group 3: Product Improvement
  • Group 4: Nutritionist Lessons (Gamification)
  • Group PHD: Study to be published

Fatster’s mission is to fight the overweight and obesity epidemics in the world through digital solutions, education, AI and research. We believe this partnership contributes to this mission. Do you want to help this partnership between a great school of management and Fatster? Just Download Fatster App or send us an email to hi@fatster.app

Fatster Team x Station F = Startup Success!

Fatster Team is in Paris and is delighted to meet from the startup world / Health Tech and preventive Healthcare industry.

Want to meet us and share ideas around HealthTech and more? just send an email to hi@fatster.app

Station F is a business incubator for startups, located in 13th arrondissement of Paris. Noted as the world’s largest startup facility and based in central Paris, STATION F gathers a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof.

Situated in a former rail freight depot previously known as la Halle Freyssinet (thereof the “F” in Station F). The 34,000 m2 facility was formally opened by President Emmanuel Macron in June 2017 and provides office accommodation for up to 1,000 start-up and early stage businesses as well as for corporate partners.

Station F has a number of partnerships for start up programs geared for entrepreneurs. Partners include Facebook, Google Microsoft, Ubisoft, Zendesk.

More information: https://stationf.co

Discover their team: https://stationf.co/team

Fatster / Social Crunch SAS successfully completed its fundraising

We are proud to announce that Social Crunch SAS completed its first fund raising.
We believe in human capital, great investors from big corporate companies and startup world joined us.

Thank you to all who supported us and thank you to Emergys…

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to those individuals and groups that have invested in our vision. We think of them as part of our Fatster family. We look forward to a future of building wealth for all of us and enhancing the lives of people through the use of our products. Most importantly, achieve our mission to fight overweight and obesity epidemics in the world.

Are you an investor interested in investing in preventive health care?

Contact us at hi@fatster.app

Fatster Team was present at Plug&Play Thailand Official Launch

Fatster Team was present at Plug&Play Thailand Official Launch 🙂

Today, the Fatster Team was excited to attend the very special Plug&Play event in Bangkok on 17th September 2019.

From Paris to Bangkok via the Silicon Valley, Plug&Play is positioning itself as a very active investor and its acceleration program allows startups to collaborate with large corporate companies FAST.

We are very excited to discover the startups of the first batch!

The second photo / slide is very impressive, check it out!

Discover Plug&Play Thailand here: https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/thailand/

#plugandplay #fatster #healthtech #startups

Fatster x Clean-Up The World Event

The Fatster Team and Bangkok Business Association participated in Clean Up the World Event today Our mission was to remove plastic and any pollution we could find from the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok (Fatster Team was on a boat used by professional cleaners on a daily basis).

Clean-Up the World was established in 1993 and is one of the largest community-based environmental programs in the world. We join a global effort to combat waste and plastic pollution.

Clean-Up the World was established in 1993 and is one of the largest community-based environmental programs in the world. They unite community groups, schools, businesses, and local governments to carry out activities that address local environmental issues.  They provide expertise, support and guidance to members in 130 countries across the world.

 They have been in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program since 1993. The United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system, and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

We are impatient to participate to the event next year, end of September 🙂

More information: https://www.cleanuptheworld.org

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