BPGO helps finance the innovation of the startup SOCIAL CRUNCH

Founded in 2019 by Fabien Keller and Emmanuel Fauvel, the startup SOCIAL CRUNCH (Fouesnant, Brittany) develops the Fatster mobile application facilitating weight loss thanks to a caring community, dieticians and an artificial intelligence. Fatster proposes to its members to find their ideal weight loss partner sharing the same characteristics and weight loss ambitions.

Within a few months, the application registers several thousand users and the counter of kilos lost and calories saved flies away.

At the end of 2019, the company completed its first “pre-seed” fund raising of 103,000 euros and is supported strategically and financially by the Public Investment Bank (BPI) and the Quimper Technopole. This financing helps the HealthTech in its developments with a focus on “preventive health” as well as in its technological developments and proves the appetence of its solution to a young, overweight and very digital target

After several hundred exchanges with its first users, the company pushes back the limits of its first version by giving way to Fatster version 2. All previous technological developments are abandoned. The Fatster application gets a new look by integrating a last generation cloud technology and builds all its code with the same technology used and deployed by Facebook: React Native. Its B2B solution for nutrition professionals called NUTRIMIS is also born.

The western company then met with the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest (BPGO) as part of an innovation financing scheme allowing the startup to acquire maturity in its B2C and B2B technologies and their commercial deployment. The agreement was signed at the end of May 2020. The funds granted are co-financed by the bank and the European Investment Fund.

The start-up, based in Fouesnant to develop the French market, also has offices in Bangkok (Thailand) to develop the company in South East Asia. It wants to have a sustainable and social impact in the Finistère region (29) with the first key recruitments in 2020.

Overweight and obesity are aggravating factors with regard to COVID-19 and French have gained an average of 2.5 kilos during confinement according to IFOP. Fatster is there to help them.

The founders of SOCIAL CRUNCH would like to thank the BPGO for its trust and wish to start a strong long-term relationship with the bank.

Because a Virus Will Never Stop Us. How does Fatster Team reacts during Covid-19 Pandemic

We are a Team

At Fatster, we are a Team of 12 persons with different positions, different origins, different experiences. We are a Team and it makes us stronger with a very high spirit and motivation. Our mission is to fight the obesity epidemic in the world with the help of a mobile app, nutritionists and AI. The Covid-19 epidemic will not stop this dream we all have.

The Covid-19 affected our operation and we had to adapt the way we work and our product

  • We are fighting against the Covid-19 in the short term with Covidster by connecting individuals with other individuals for Clinical Trial purposes.
  • We are fighting against the Covid-19 in the medium and long term with Fatster to reduce the risk of mortality among the overweight population.
  • Both projects have been submitted to the French government to get funding
  • We adapt fast, act quickly and we try to be as efficient as possible.

The Covid-19 affected our business

  • We save every pennies from our first fund-raising so we have the longest runway
  • We learn from our mentors and business partners
  • We learn from our courses at HEC Challenge+ “how to manage cash flow during a massive crisis”
  • We are lean

To protect ourselves, our colleagues, friends and families, we are working remote

  • From different cities in France
  • From different cities in Thailand
  • We protect ourselves
  • We work from everywhere we possibly can

There is nothing new, nothing magic

  • We are using simple tools like GSuite, Jira, Slack and Zoom as our main tools for remote working
  • We are training our staff and let them learn even more
  • We are doing 40mn sharp meetings
  • We are using Agile methodology

The Covid-19 will eventually disappear, the Team spirit and method of work will remain.

Stay safe, stay home, work hard, play harder 🙂

Fatster Team

Alfred, Anthony, Benjamin, Cassandra, Emmanuel, Fabien, Jean-Baptiste, Julie, Ladislas, Louiza, Nathalie & Thomas.

Fatster helps reduce mortality risks related to Covid-19 by reducing overweight and obesity in the population.

Fatster wishes to contribute to the reduction of mortality risks related to Covid-19 for the French population through significant weight loss. This population will be less at risk compared to the Covid-19 related pandemic but also to future pandemics.

Fatster also wishes to contribute to the reduction of direct and indirect costs related to obesity (a 20% reduction in the number of obese people in France = 10.8 billion Euros saved per year).

Fatster (www.fatster.app) has the mission to facilitate the connection of overweight/obese people and help them to lose and maintain their weight over the long term by changing their habits in terms of diet and physical exercise. This with the help of strong motivation, a caring community, health professionals and artificial intelligence.

Obesity is a major risk factor of COVID-19: Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, who heads the scientific council that advises the government on the Covid-19 epidemic, said that no less than 17 million of France’s 67 million citizens were at serious risk of coronavirus due to age, pre-existing disease or obesity. “This virus is terrible, it can affect young people, especially obese young people. Those who are overweight should really be careful,” Delfraissy told France info.

Obesity is a scourge in France: in France nearly one adult in two is overweight, and 20% of those who are obese are overweight. Overweight reduces the life expectancy of French people by 2.3 years. This disease not only reduces life expectancy, it also affects students’ academic performance, labour productivity and undermines economic growth.

Obesity costs France €10 billion a year (5% of its health budget), €54 billion in direct and indirect costs (health and productivity loss) and costs in Europe €59 billion a year (7% of its health budget alone).

In his general policy speech, Edouard Philippe, French PM made the fight against obesity “a national objective” and has the ambition to reduce obesity by 15% by 2023.

“We created Fatster to bring together a community that supports, motivates and helps each other to lose weight. The human side is most important at Fatster, which is why the team did not hesitate to mobilize for the rapid development of Fatster to fight Covid-19 and other pandemics as effectively as possible.”
Fabien Keller & Emmanuel Fauvel, co-founders of Fatster.

Help us fight this obesity epidemic, contact us.

During coronavirus time, get active, eat better and lose weight at home

It’s going to get harder and harder to do sports in the next few days with the Coronavirus.

Indeed the infrastructures and sports clubs will probably close in the coming weeks.

Don’t worry, Fatster is here to help you burn calories despite the restrictions caused by the virus. Here are three physical activities to do at home:

Image result for fentes

Lunges, the perfect exercise for cardio and strengthening:

If you don’t know this exercise you will work your abs and thighs at first. Indeed to master this exercise it takes time and you will do each lunge quite slowly. Don’t panic, this exercise is already very useful. It will make you work your thighs, buttocks and abs.

Image result for squat

Squats, a difficult exercise:

This exercise is complicated especially because it is difficult to have the perfect position to do squats. Be very careful on this point, you will hurt your back very badly. The simplest is to start with a chair at the beginning to have a support and an easier position to hold.


Image result for burpees

Burpees, one of the best ways to lose those extra pounds:

Indeed burpees make you work your arms, abs, thighs, buttocks and especially your cardio! Don’t be surprised if you suffer during your first sessions, start with small sequences. If you do them regularly you will quickly see the results.


The board: lose weight and gain posture.

Start like you’re going to do push-ups with your hands under your shoulders. Stand on your toes and squeeze your abs and buttocks together to form a straight line. Try to tuck your belly button in and make sure your back is straight. Start by holding the position for 20 seconds and increase as you work out.

The dips: making the arms work

Place your hands on the edge of a chair or sofa and your legs in front of you. Lower your body to the floor (be careful not to block your elbows), then raise your body up with the strength of your arms. Do three sessions of 10 reps, with a break in between

Don’t forget to post your physical activities at home on Fatster!

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Testimonials from Fatster users

Since we launched the application, we have gathered a lot of comments and opinions. Whether they have been good or bad, it is only positive for us, since we can improve and shape Fatster according to your different expectations and needs.

Problems encountered

A few examples of notices that help us improve our app: “I’m having trouble using your app. Maybe it’s coming from my phone, a Sony. I can’t use the search function. I hope it’s only temporary,” Patricia.

I can’t go on “Social”, there’s always a big banner that explains the benefits of Faster but

I can’t see the Social page.


“Is it possible to add a starchy part to the meal list? To add leeks to the list of vegetables? To have notifications of messages left on our posts/photos?”, SaB.

The satisfaction of getting results

There is nothing more motivating for us than to receive feedback from our users who have achieved real results with Fatster. Here are a few testimonials:

“I can finally put my wedding ring back on, months ago I didn’t wear it anymore because my fingers were bulging but now with 15 kilos less my finger has deflated and I can put it on again. I’m happy,” Lolita.

“I’ve lost 2 kilos thanks to the community ! PERFECT after the holidays”, REGEME.

“Highly motivating. Serious community friendly and encouraging. Start my nutrition on Monday. So far I’ve lost 1 kilo. Top top! Sharing is really motivating”, AKS.

“This app is really great! More motivated than ever to progress together. Fatster is really well done and reminds us what our goal is”, Marina Sellen.

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Fatster for iOS: http://bit.ly/fatster
Fatster for Android: http://bit.ly/fatster_a

Fatster 1.5 has been released with great improvements for users

At Fatster, we are helping people connecting, losing weight and maintaining their weight thanks to a benevolent community and we are fortunate to have a community of committed and passionate users who submit hundreds of comments and feature request messages via our support channels and social media every week.

This regular and loyal flow of feedback is like a gold mine for our lucky product teams. Rarely is such a rich and voluntary source of information on user needs and issues so easily accessible.

We listened to your feedback and we are happy to release a new version of Fatster App: Fatster 1.5, below are the key benefits of this update 🙂

  1. Comments and social page has been improved (you can finally format properly your text)
  2. You can now share on social networks your super posts
  3. The progress page has been improved with easy to read completion pie charts
  4. We enriched coach recommendation and tips (because we love mummies too)
  5. We did optimization and bug fixes (faster, more stable, more user friendly)

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Internship Offer: looking for an App Store Optimization Manager

Fatster is looking for an intern to do App Store Optimization (ASO) App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO for Fatster Mobile Application.

  • We are in the Health Tech
  • We create a benevolent community
  • We are in the Preventive Healthcare
  • We have a super neat disruptive spirit
  • We are a startup
  • You will not sleep 🙂
  • You will master efficient tools
  • You will work in a great atmosphere
  • You need to be a natural born optimizer
  • You will learn a lot of super great things

The focus of ASO is related to improving the ranking of mobile applications (apps) directly within app stores (like iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store).

Job Description:

  • Developing App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies to ensure that all relevant apps appear at the top of the search results in all applicable App stores
  • Optimizing conversion rates for app download pages by utilizing various content and visual tools
  • Monitoring and tracking app store rankings using the latest analytic tracking tools
  • Performing keyword research in multiple languages
  • Writing app descriptions, titles using researched keywords
  • Proofreading and editing reports

Required Skills and Experience::

  • Experience with ASO if possible
  • English speaker, French Speaker
  • A strong understanding of Keyword research
  • Proven knowledge of mobile platforms and technologies
  • An excellent understanding of the different App stores and their processes
  • Proficiency in additional languages – strong advantage
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Experience in Client Relations- strong advantage
  • High proficiency in Excel
  • Organized, creative and detail oriented
  • An avid smartphone user who is passionate about the mobile world
  • Detail oriented, multitasker
  • Creative and technical mindset
  • Ability to work autonomously and in a self-directed manner

If you are looking to make a difference and get rewarded for what you bring to the company, this is the place to be.

We wish you good luck! and Send your resume to hi@fatster.app

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The honest truth about weight loss progress

You will need to make radical changes in your habits to maintain long-term weight loss. We have 66 days to do this together with the help of Fatster and the community because a habit is actually lost in 66 days (see How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit?).

Research from the US NWCR (National Weight Control Registry) shows that the following habits are effective for people who have lost a lot of weight without regaining it:

  • 78% of people eat breakfast every day.
  • 62% of people watch less than 10 hours of television per week.
  • 90% of people exercise, on average, about one hour a day.

Your habits will largely determine the success of your weight loss over the long term.

To develop a healthy eating habit, we recommend this simple approach:

  • Choose a specific habit that you wish to change. For example, “stop drinking soda”.
  • Start with a very small step. Replace a soda (coke, sprite, etc.) with water this week. That’s all you have to do.
  • Focus on the journey. Commit to the process, not the goal. Take small daily steps and you’ll turn any bad habit into a good habit.
  • Track your progress using Fatster App. Write down the steps you take each day. It will take you 30 seconds. The rewards will be worth it.

That’s why we offer Fatster challenges that will help you with nutrition (eating healthier), activity (3 hours of exercise every week) and weight maintenance.

Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. So take it easy. Focus on one habit at a time.
Above all, believe in yourself and your ability to take charge of your health and your future.

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Fatster v 1.42 Welcomes Our Brand New Progress Page (Behavior Change Step 1)

Welcome to Our New Progress Page

First we want to say thank you our group of ambassadors who help us improving Fatster App on a daily basis.

Fatster’s mission is to help users change their behaviors and we have been working on a new progress page that allows you to track your progress in terms of nutrition, activity and weight loss in real time. This is available Fatster version 1.4.2 available on Google Play and App Store (see below the download links).

This page has four progress circles that change according to the daily data you input in the application.

  1. The nutrition circle is based on 21 healthy meals per week.
  2. The activity circle is based on 3 hours per week (this is 180 minutes of activity, the W.H.O. recommends 150 minutes to maintain your weight).
  3. The weight circle is based on measuring progress towards your weight loss goal.
  4. The BMI circle is directly correlated with your weight loss goal.

You can select the period you want at the top of the page.

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Fatster v 1.39 has been released with new PROGRESS and COMPARISON page

We listened to your great feedback! – special thanks to Lolita

fatster 1.39 has been released and we have added the following features to help do more activity, eat healthier and lose weight in a fun way.

What’s new on Fatster?

  1. New PROGRESS page
  2. New Comparison page
  3. We have updated the coach with more tips
  4. We have optimized some interactions (likes, comments)

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