We have been featured in Gavroche Magazine !

On Friday, 21st, Gavroche Thaïlande put their trust in Fatster to provide solutions in order to fight the world population overweight problem. 

With the aim of learning how to lose weight with a  digitalised community, they call their readers to come and participate in our our Health Tech Event “Fight Overweight & Obesity with Education, IA, Digital Platforms” on Wednesday, June 26th 2019 7PM in Bangkok.

This first featuring is part of a positive growth dynamic and shows the rising  interest in Fatster. 

We would like to warmly thank Gavroche Thailand for their support and nudge. They contributes to the development of the company in a positive way.

Read the article: L’obésité, cette maladie qui menace aussi l’Asie

Interested by the event ?

Follow the link : http://bit.ly/HealthTechBkk