The team is growing, we’re welcoming TSM students

As of October, the partnership between Fatster App and the French University Toulouse School of Management will enlarge the Fatster Team;

3O Master Degree students, from different nationalities (French, Thais and Germans) will work together to help Fatster to grow internationally.

This project will be spited in 6 groups of 5 students, supervised by Julien Cloarec (project leader), Cyrielle Vellera (TSM senior lecturer) and Sandra Laporte (HEC Montréal teacher and specialist in the purchasing behaviour of obese people).

Toulouse School Of Management

As part of their studies as International Marketing students, they will learn in a startup environment how to develop a project, manage the strategic aspects and participate to a common adventure.

Concomitantly, potentials researches will be conducted, related to the motivation for use and nudges to integrate into the app as base of thesis subjects for TSM PhD students. 

For this coming 6 months experience, we’re glad to greet the students as members of the Fatster Team, and would like to say thank you to Toulouse School of Management for their precious support in the project; It’s through this help that Fatster will grow, learn and create the best application  for international overweight people to lose weight in a fun way.