Introducing Fatster: the mobile App that helps you find the best buddy to lose weight.

We’re excited to share this brief, fast-paced video about Fatster 🙂

Introducing Fatster App! Fatster finds your best buddy to lose weight with, based on your profile. We help you find the most relevant person to match with you regarding your diet type, language & ambitions.

Track your weight loss progress on a daily basis and receive encouragements and help from our caring community, experts and business partners. Discover the Fatster’s places around you.

Find the gyms, restaurants & shops that match with your diet! Fatster is the caring social network helping people lose weight. Becoming healthier should be fun, social & challenging and not full of shame & restrictions.

We are millions like you who would love to lose weight but who don’t find the right buddy to do it!

Subscribing is so easy and quick:

  1. Set-up your profile and link-up to your buddies
  2. Challenge and get challenged!
  3. Lose weight

You can also help our caring community by sharing your incredible results and your best advices.

Fatster is completely free to use, but some in-app items such as extra content or features may require payment.

What are you waiting for? The power to lose weight and get fit again is in your hand, get it started.