Fatster will be present at Bonjour Future! (CCE Event in Bangkok)

Fatster will be present at Bonjour Future! (CCE Event in Bangkok)

We are pleased to announce that Fatster Team will be present at Bonjour Future! A CCE Event in FYI Center, Bangkok on 22nd November 2019.

We are selected to be the representative of the Health Tech Industry and we will of course present Fatster App and Fatster Pro Health.

We will present “Digital Transformation to Fight Overweight & Obesity Epidemics”

Fatster solutions help both individuals and health professionals build a strong connection between overweight people and help them lose weight by changing their behavior through digital platforms, education and artificial intelligence.


Fabien Keller, co-founder & CEO: Fabien started his first business when he was still a student at the Sorbonne University and then at the École Polytechnique studying a post-graduate program in Paris. With a successful first startup in the financial technology sector, he embarked on a second entrepreneurial adventure in the online health industry to address the problem of loneliness during weight loss.

Emmanuel Fauvel, co-founder & COO: Emmanuel has lived in Thailand for 20 years. He is an entrepreneur and at the board of several startups. He is also a board member of the Bangkok Business Association, former steering committee member of La French Tech Thailand (4 years) and Business Mentor for the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Emmanuel joined Fabien to create Fatster when they were working for a USA Venture Capital.

Who is organizing this event?

The CCE (Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France – France Foreign Trade Advisors) are a group of business people dedicating some of their time to help the French public and private sectors by sharing their knowledge of the markets where they operate. There is more than 4,000 CCE around the world, 30 in Thailand covering most business sectors. The French Embassy is their main interlocutor, and is greatly helping in the organization of this event, and our strong partners are Business France, the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce, and La French Tech.

Who is the target?

The goal is to create business opportunities for all present, in addition to the reinforcement of France’s image as an innovative nation, when France is usually more famous as a country of traditions, tourism and luxury. Successful innovation, in the CCE view for this event, implies the application of new (France-inspired) business models, with a strong local private presence in the form of a branch or a local partner, towards a government-sanctioned goal.

Who will attend?

There will have different groups: representatives from the Thai Government, from the Thai private sector, from the local French business community, from the academic world, and from La French Tech. The CCE organizers are expecting 200-250 people in total. The French Ambassadors to Thailand and Laos will be present.

The Highlights

  • Discover the latest developments in different priority sectors, and see how Thailand is involved in the world strategy of large French groups, and as a nurturing home to start-ups.
  • Understand the culture of Innovation, and how corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial ecosystems need to cooperate to generate a dynamic and fruitful environment.
  • Meet the people who create, promote, finance, host, accompany, and partner with innovation in Thailand.
  • Connect with the rich and varied French economic community.

Join us to meet inspiring French and Thai Business leaders, a hot bed of startups, and opportunities to connect with Government agencies and investors!

We wish to see you there, so save the date and come meet us! 🙂

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