Fatster 1.3 has been released

Once upon a time… [wait no… that’s too cliché].

It was a dark and stormy night… [we’ve all heard that one before].

Just the other day… [hmmm… getting better…]

Tada! Let’s welcome this new version of Fatster. You will find beautiful things inside to help you lose weight with a buddy.

We have added the following features to help do more activity, track your nutrition and lose weight in a fun way. The result? You will feel better after only 7 days! 🙂

  • Login / Register without having a Facebook account
  • New on-boarding process (super simplified)
  • New Feed and input to Feed: to post activity or nutrition redirects you to the Feed directly
  • Improved wordings / translation in English and French
  • Animation on Login page
  • Pictures are moderated

We did the usual yada yada:

  • Bug fixing and app optimization for better performance

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About Fatster


Fatster is a weight loss related social network that helps you find your best buddy to lose weight, the one who shares the same motivation and weight loss goals! Fatster is loved by hundreds of users already. Our users love you already, so do we! Join the community now!

In addition, use Fatster as a tool to track your weight loss, activity and nutrition progress on a daily basis and receive encouragement and help from our caring community made of real people and very soon experts and partners.

Getting started is super simple. Just think of who your top 10 best friends who would like to lose weight and invite them on Fatster. It’s easy to use and free – no ads:

  • Set-up your profile and link-up to your buddies
  • Challenge your buddies and get challenged!
  • Lose weight and feel better

You can also help our caring community by sharing your incredible results and your best tips.

What are you waiting for? The power to lose weight and get fit again is in your hand, get it started!

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