About Us

What is Fatster?

Fatster connects overweight people together and helps them find the most relevant buddy to lose weight with, based on their profiles.

We are also developing a smart and caring in-app coach to monitor, advise and challenge our users on a daily basis to help them in the first phase of the diet, the cruise phase and long-term weight stabilization.

We also provide quality content tailored for each profile and we source the best partners located next to our users to offer a turnkey service (healthy restaurants, gyms and healthy shops around them in line with their diet).

Why Fatster?

Most applications for weight loss are to be used solo and online forums for example do not offer the possibility of having a real challenge with someone that is really consistent with your profile. Fatster allows you to do all this, offers a less dramatic and different user experience for the user. We make losing weight hyper social in a super beautiful app.

Our Motivation

We are focusing on helping users to find a matching and motivated buddy so they can lose weight with fun, but also help them maintain in the long run (sometimes the most difficult part) their targeted weight through daily encouragement, challenges, motivational articles and help from the community.

Fatster Team 🙂



Fatster is here to help you find buddies to lose weight with. Subscribe with us and we will let you know when the app is live, very soon!